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Paceform Premium

Paceform was successfully launched into an extremely competitive market over 10 years ago.

With a level of detail and accuracy that cannot be found anywhere else and a method of rating runners that is totally unique in the UK today Paceform, really is, the best of the best.


Paceform Selections will go live to those lucky enough to grab a place on
Wednesday May 1st 2019
We are now selling ADVANCED PLACES.
Once registered you get access to Paceforms Rating Service


Although all our data is extremely well laid out in a fully interactive form we also provide members with a shortlist that we call ONES TO WATCH as we understand fully that not all members have the time that this sport really needs.

These ONES TO WATCH are displayed at the top of each of our unique racecards providing members with an 'at a glance pointers'. Over the past 7 days from our Paceform Racecard ONES TO WATCH you would have had these WINNERS below :-

Thursday 25th April
Stoner's Choice 12/1,   Robin The Raven 7/1,   Follow The Swallow 5/1,   Harbour Vision 5/1,   Invincible Queen 9/2,   Midnightreferendum 4/1J,   Carrolls Milan 3/1,  
Houlton 3/1,   Danseur Du Large 5/2F,   Walk On Walter 2/1F,   My Charity 6/4F,   Tidal Watch 11/8,   Rakhine State 5/4F,   Hamariyna 11/10F,  
Ardera Cross 10/11F,   Hasanabad 8/11F,   Oasis Prince 4/7F,   Fransham 1/4F,   Iva Go 2/9F,   Monsieur Gibraltar 1/16F,  

Wednesday 24th April
Stop Talking 8/1,   The Drone 8/1,   Just That Lord 5/1,   Laura Bullion 5/1,   Lamh Ar Lamh 9/2F,   Criq Sun 4/1,   Le Don De Vie 100/30,  
Go Another One 2/1F,   Old Jeroboam 2/1,   Johnny Yuma 6/4F,   Milkwood 11/8F,   Umndeni 5/6F,   Dunkirk Harbour 8/13F,   Fort Myers 1/2F,  
Double Treasure 1/3F,   Tight Call 1/3F,   Waikiki Waves 1/20F,   Braid Blue EvensF,  

Tuesday 23rd April
Mans Not Trot 22/1,   First Of Never 8/1,   Camachess 6/1,   Grandfather Tom 6/1,   Capofaro 5/1,   Ahorsewithnoname 9/2,   Companion 4/1,  
Ucello Conti 7/2F,   Love So Deep 100/30,   Aubusson 3/1,   Torolight 2/1,   Camelia De Cotte 13/8F,   Young Wolf 6/4F,   La Tektor 11/8F,  
Nearooz 11/10F,   King Of Comedy 4/6F,   Habub 1/4F,   Bergamot EvensF,  

Monday 22nd April
Adelante 12/1,   Liliofthelamplight 11/1,   Maeve's Choice 10/1,   Lord Sparky 9/1,   Lexikon 9/1,   Jack Hackett 7/1,   Cosmic King 9/2,  
Bazarov 4/1,   Sopat 4/1,   Echo 4/1,   Ascot Dreamer 4/1F,   Sizing Rome 4/1F,   So Lonely 2/1F,   Littlestickarubarb 2/1F,  
Lovely Job 2/1,   Silk Run 6/4F,   Setting Sail 10/11F,   Hortzadar 4/7F,   Southfield Harvest 2/5F,   Arch My Boy 2/7F,  

Sunday 21st April
Lac Kivu 8/1,   Roxboro Road 6/1C,   Pobbles Bay 5/1,   Sneaky Getaway 9/2,   Youcantcallherthat 4/1,   Impact Factor 4/1,   Fly True 7/2,  
Alf ´n´ Dor 7/2,   Mister Mister 3/1,   Champarisi 3/1,   Honeysuckle 6/4F,   Gortroe Joe 6/4F,   Zamparelli 11/8F,   Statuario 11/8,  
Present Ranger 5/6F,   Champagne Champ 4/5F,   Montego Grey 4/6F,   The Flying Sofa 1/4F,   Mon Port EvensF,  

Saturday 20th April
El Gumryah 20/1,   Major Valentine 16/1,   Time Stands Still 11/1,   Mahlermade 11/2,   Lady Samback 11/2,   Gentile Bellini 9/2,   Austrian School 4/1J,  
Ventura Gold 4/1,   Boston Bruin 100/30,   Eden Rose 3/1,   River Bray 3/1,   Contingency Fee 3/1F,   Name The Wind 2/1,   Ballybough Nora 2/1F,  
Primal Focus 2/1F,   Malangen 2/1,   Decrypt 7/4F,   Boomarang 7/4,   The Jean Genie 6/4F,   Electric Ladyland 11/8,   Whoshotthesheriff 5/4F,  
Clayton 6/5F,  

Friday 19th April
Lufricia 7/1,   Matterhorn 9/2,   Living Legend 4/1,   Global Warning 3/1F,   Queen Of Desire 11/4F,   The Cruising Lord 5/2,   Gantier 5/2,  
The Daley Express 5/4F,   Zulu Zander 10/11F,   Kachy 4/9F,   Lady Kermit 1/4F,  

Although members have the luxury of this shortlist over the years we have also received regular requests to provide an easy to use member SELECTION service ( yes you guessed it they wan't us to make things even simpler ).

As you can imagine we are extremely busy compiling ratings each day and collating hundreds of runners in time for the following day takes up the majority of our working day, therefore, creating SELECTIONS is not something that we really have time or indeed the inclination to get involved with.


We do however have some very positive news that we think you are going to like. Over the last couple of years a very talented and highly knowledgeable member with connections to the sport has been sending us selections that quite frankly we could no longer ignore.

We asked if we could make this information more widely available and to be honest the initial answer was a resounding 'no not at any price'. Something we are sure you can fully understand.

However after a lot of persuading we have over time built up a sufficient level of trust and finally we have been given the green light!

There is however one condition that we just cannot escape from and that is a strict limit on the number of members.

Make no mistake this is the single most exciting thing that you will have ever been involved with and you need to grab one of these places before it is too late.


Paceform Selections will go live to those lucky enough to grab a place on Wednesday May 1st 2019 and we are now selling ADVANCED PLACES.

Once those 80 places are gone that will be it so you need to place your membership order TODAY to be in with a chance to join.

1. What will I get for my subscription? – Between 1 and 3 SELECTIONS per day
2. What time will the SELECTIONS be made available? – Around 10.30am UK on the day
3. Are these LAY BETS? – No these selections are WIN BETS ONLY
4. Do you advise any Staking Plans? – No these are LEVEL STAKE win bets only
5. How will I receive the SELECTIONS? – Via a secure area of our web site
6. Will there be any No Bet days? – UK Weather conditons mean that is unavoidable
7. Do you proof these anywhere? – No we do not give other services the opportunity of reselling our information
8. How do I know how good this service is? – Daily results from our Ratings Service are updated daily right here

Joining this service could potentially be the BEST DECISION that you ever make but due to the place number limitation joining is a MUST in advance of the launch date.

But we are now going to make this package EVEN MORE ATTRACTIVE for you by including an equivalent number of weeks of our ratings service COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE for every member of our brand new PREMIUM SERVICE.

No further orders for this PREMIUM SERVICE and FREE RATINGS SERVICE will be accepted once we reach 80 Members or after Wednesday May 1st (whichever comes first).

Act quickly and secure you place TODAY so you are not there wishing you had made the decision to join when it is all suddenly too late.

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